For the important task of filtering heavyweight 50, 60 or 70-wt. racing oil employed in drag racing’s nitro and alcohol-burning engines, System 1 has developed special 75-micron inline filters for use with either wet or dry sump pumps. Relied on by most touring professionals, they provide a handy means for quickly determining what’s happening inside the engine. The filter is intended to be serviced after every run. Available for AN-10 and AN-12 lines, it’s recommended to install this unit between the pump and sump tank in dry sump setups. The billet aluminum housings are available in a choice of black or red anodized finish, with Buna (gasoline or alcohol), or Viton (nitro) O-rings.

All System 1 inline Filter assemblies include the housing, inspection caps, fittings, filter element, and O-rings