There are a number of important advantages provided by System 1 High Performance billet aluminum canister-style oil filters with easily-cleaned stainless steel mesh elements. They are available in various sizes and filtration levels for virtually every race car, street machine, industrial and motorcycle application due to a wide selection of spin-on, in-line and special mounts. Important attributes include:
• Highly effective stainless steel mesh elements
• Superior lubricant flow (most are 30 GPM)
• Choice of 35, 45 or 75-micron elements (some applications)
• Easy element removal for inspection/analysis
• Clean with brake or carb-cleaning aerosols, solvent or detergent with water)
• No messy canister cutting
• Save money over constantly replacing standard filters

All System 1 Filter assemblies include the housing, inspection cap, filter element, O-rings and any required inserts.